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The primary objective of the Agricultural unit of Metro Group is to encourage and promote organic farming in a sustainable manner and explore opportunities in the local and international market for the organic products.

The basic philosophy of Metro Group is encouraging quality lifestyle and living to the people of Odisha. With this objective, the group has also explored opportunities in Agriculture, primarily Organic Farming and Layer Farming Business. Good Health being the primary area of interest, the Agriculture business of Metro Group has always focussed on quality Organic Farming. Considered the most sustainable and environmental friendly agricultural approach, organic farming has also offered various opportunities to the farmers.

With absolute commitment to quality, this organic farming business is certified and has the required licenses to function and operate. All our agricultural products are pure and organic in nature. The entire quality management is maintained from end to end from the raw materials to the produce. Metro Agricultural business vertical has always emphasized on the quality living of the small and Marginal Farmers. They are provided with the equipment trainings & technical support from the sowing till harvesting.

The Agricultural business is based on the Farming approach that aligns with the processes ad focuses on Quality products

Encourage Organic Farming
Contribute to Local Economy
Encourage Agricultural Practises
Improve the quality and living of the Farmers

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