We have been always busy with our lives. We never got enough time to spend it with our family, loved ones or pursue our hobby. This quarantine has forced us to spend our time at home. This lockdown has been and will be a very special time for all of us.
Life gave us an Opportunity to Pause and Spend Quality time with our Loved Ones.
No doubt we are missing our daily routines of going out and socializing. We are frustrated about staying indoors but to be at the safe side we need to stay indoors.
We cannot ignore the benefits which the lockdown has on our lives. If you want to know, these are the 21 benefits:

  • Stay Fit by exercising daily - The worry of gaining weight has forced the people to tie up their shoes and do some exercise in forms such as walking, running, or doing some sorts of cardio or HIIT workouts.
  • Stay Entertained - Play with your Pet: If you are pet-lover or own a pet then, you are entertained during this quarantine. The unconditional love and the calming nature of the pets help them who have stuck up alone during this quarantine.
  • Stay Healthy - Cook healthy Cuisine: Many of us have become cautious about having their favorite food from restaurants. So we have switched to cooking healthy foods as we use less oil, fresh veggies, and limited preservatives.
  • Stay Loved - Spend time with your better half: No one can deny the fact that their busy schedules have affected their personal life. This is the perfect time when you can spend quality time with your better half, clear your misunderstandings, and have a healthy start to your relationship.
  • Stay Blessed - Spend time with Parents: Now we have ample time to take care of our parents, talk to them share our feelings, learn from them, and even cook for them.
  • Stay Happy - Play with your Children: We were so stuck up with the work that we never spent some good time with our kids. This is a perfect time when we can dedicate our time to our kids, have fun with them, play board games with them, and make them learn good things.
  • Stay Productive - Paint your walls: This is the time when you can turn your dream home into a reality. Paint your walls as you have dreamt of and organize your home
  • Stay Updated - Watch TV: During this time, it is very important to stay updated and alert with the right news. Stay away from fake news.
  • Stay Organised- Re-arrange your Wardrobe: Get rid of those clothes which you feel like not wearing again. Organize your wardrobe and make some space for the new fashion trends.
  • Stay Beautiful - Dress the part: No matter
  • Stay Refreshed - Wake up Early: Don't be awake till late night. Wind up your work quickly and sleep early. Getting the right amount of sleep is required for a healthy body. Wake up early and stay fresh all day.
  • Stay Connected - re-connect with your school Friends: Try connecting with your old school friends and talk with them about your favorite memories and relive those moments once again.
  • Stay Intelligent -Read books: Books will never leave your side. They are your forever best friends. Keep reading books and improve your knowledge and stay motivated.
  • Stay in touch with nature- Water your Plants: Don't be just indoors and sit idle. Plant your favorite plants. Nurture them with care.
  • Stay Nourished - Drink plenty of water: It is summer and it is important to stay nourished and hydrated. Take care of yourself and drink plenty of water.
  • Stay Stylish - Alter your old clothes: Donate your old clothes to someone who needs them. Or pick up the needle and thread and fix your favorite dress.
  • Stay Young - Detoxify your body: Once in your body, detoxify your body with some detoxify drinks. This is the best way to flush out the toxins from your body.
  • Stay Joyous- Watch comedy show: Watch all the episodes of your favorite comedy show which you wanted to watch for so long. Laugh your heart out and stay joyous.
  • Stay Calm and Composed- Practice Yoga: It would be difficult staying indoors and you won't be able to focus on your work. Practice yoga and stay calm and focused.
  • Stay Hygienic - Clean your house: Sweeping, mopping, dusting, and cleaning cobwebs cleans your house as well as keeps you active. You do a better job when you clean your house.
  • Stay Human- Pray for Humanity: There are still people who haven't returned their home, or even don't get a square meal. Millions of people are dying worldwide because of this pandemic. Let's pray for the speedy recovery of all the patients and the world.

Stuck at Homes? Or Safe at Home? Mindset Matters!
Safety Begins At Home. Teach them today to be safer tomorrow.
Enjoy your quarantine and let's be safe!

The New investment Opportunity in Odisha.


Odisha is the land of New Opportunities with continuous socio-economic developments across all the major areas. As per the Assocham* reports, Odisha ranks no.1 in India in regards to the total contribution to the manufacturing sectors. One of the fastest growing economies, Odisha has achieved 8.78 % GDP growth during 2014-15, 20% higher than India's GDP growth rate, and is poised to grow at around 12% by year 2020*(as per the report submitted by Dun & Bradstreet).

In fact the state has always been the most preferred location for business, investments and new opportunities due to the ease of doing business. The state has many hats to its credit, from Tourism, to India's Mineral deport, Odisha has been greatly appreciated as the blessed land of the country. Being cosmopolitan and with diverse demographics, Odisha accommodates and accepts people across all the communities to live, sustain and grow. From Education, Manufacturing, Industries, Sports, etc. every sector is sustainable and is promoted in the state.

Considering these major factors, the prospect and opportunities of real estate market in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack is overwhelming. The Twin Cities are considered one of the best location of living and livelihood. The Projects are quality based and is certified and approved by the concerned government bodies. The entire process of Real Estate & Property Management is very well covered: from buying lands, empty residential plots, flats, Private residential complex, Apartments, Bunglows etc. every project is made considering the customer's choice a& convenience. Twin city, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack is undoubtedly the ideal location for property investments. But most importantly, make sure you reach out to the most professional Builders and Property dealers and make the choicest decision for investment.

Buying Property: 10 Tips that you should always keep in your mind.


Property investment is one of the most choicest decision that you can ever take. It takes a whole lot of Research, Analysis, and Awareness to identify the Property suitable to your needs and requirements. Property investment involves both emotional and Practical decision, hence it becomes the toughest decision. It actually needs a careful review and understanding to able decision to read through all the information and take the most calculative decision before investing. Either you become so careful that taking the right decision becomes difficult or you get emotionally carried away. It is always advisable to look for a Professional support to help you manage your Property search. However, make sure you seek the help and assistance from an agency who is the most Trusted in the Real Estate industry and has a great track record.

With a professional agency, all the necessary ground works, checks and balances are very well managed. Moreover, the options of the search is not limiting. You will have an opportunity to follow a set of Procedures and advises in looking for the right Property.

  1. Identifying the Trusted and Valued Property
  2. From Planning your Budget
  3. Deciding your Preferred Location
  4. Understanding the rental rates in your Area
  5. Negotiating on the Offer
  6. Loan Eligibility
  7. Affordable Home loans
  8. Easy Documentation Process
  9. Stamp duty and Registration fee
  10. Any Hidden/ Additional cost

These are few tips that would help in carefully selecting the property interested. Buyer should carefully check the Builders experience, location/ area knowhow, number of Projects successfully completed and delivered. Most important of all of this is to make sure you also looking into the availability of the basic amenities of that Particular areas: Power, Water and Sewerage

First Time Home Buyers


Buying your first home is the most overwhelming experience. It is the moment of pleasure that you feel to cherish owning your dream home. You tend to spend your time deciding on the property, exteriors, interiors, amenities, etc. What had started with excitement eventually becomes the most difficult decision for anyone's life to finalize on the preferences.

We all want an ideal home with all the amenities and features, however, finding the right one becomes a task in itself. Either there are limited options available around the area you are looking or the rates are high. You will certainly tend to get carried away with mixed experiences. Therefore it is important to start with the basics. With the right information and consultation, the entire experience of home buying can be rewarding. The most important point that you need to decide first is the Financials and the time of investing in it.

  1. First and foremost requirement is determining the budget you can afford?
  2. How much can you arrange for the down payment?
  3. What would be the EMIs comfortable to you over a period of time
  4. How much research you have done around the most suitable property as per your preference?
  5. How much is your understanding of the overall home buying process?
  6. What are the paperwork and documentation required?
  7. Deciding on the Trusted Property dealers?
  8. Finding on the right real estate agents
  9. Working with the Mortgage Banker to select on the Housing Loan
  10. What is the existing rate?

These and many other things that need to be understood well before confirming and signing the documents. But to start with, you may look for the available Mortgage Banker and discuss on the prequalification for a Mortgage. You need to discuss your income, the amount of savings and the investments you have made. After assessing all the information, the lender will advise you on the best Financial analysis and the money that could be lent to you. Following which is to consult with the top-rated Property dealers in your area. They will advise you on the complete home buying process. Home buying is the most exciting and tiring thing but if done right you will enjoy the ownership and have the keys to your dream home.