We have all heard of the folktales of Kings and Queens that used to live in lavish palaces and forts. Surrounded by every piece of luxury at their disposal, theirs was a life to behold and envy. The ornate architecture, the detailing, the comfort, the opulence and the sheer magnificence of these royal palaces and lifestyle, was enough to dumbfound a layman. But alas, gone are the times of India’s royalty and colonial rule. All we are left with, is a legacy of beauty and splendour in the fleeting pages of history. However, even though modern technology and architecture has evolved over the years, most of us till hold dear the nostalgia of those forgotten times. The era of the princely lives still lures us into wishing the same for ourselves and we at Metro, understood that need all too well. Thus, we created Metro King’s Court while incorporating all the elements of royalty like the yesteryears. We combined the grandeur of the bygone eras with modern architecture and technology to present to you, a home like no other. A home which embodies the sublime love for art and architecture while also presenting a plethora of amenities to bring the novelty of the monarchy at your feet. Meticulously crafted and honed into perfection, Metro King’s Court aims at touching lives by providing a sense of history while offering a piece of the future. At Metro King’s Court, you’ll find ample greenery, architecture that takes you to a European adventure while also providing every comfort that you’d ever want or need in life. Apart from providing the best amenities, Metro King’s Court’s location is also aimed at convenience and efficiency. This not just serves the purpose of experiencing a lifestyle like no other, but also provides the comfort and ease of travelling anywhere, without hassle. Experience an address like no other, right here in Bhubaneswar only at Metro King’s Court.