Metro King's Court: A Royal Living Experience


A home that promises all the comfort in life and more. The kind that offers every luxury in the world along with amenities unimaginable; King’s Court offers you all that and more! As the first villa project in the twin cities, King’s Court was planned to reminisce the architecture of Europe while providing you the comfort of being in your homeland. But did you know that King’s Court offers a bunch of special amenities that make it truly a royal living experience? If not, then here are some of them:

  • 1) Cycling & Jogging Track: While other properties may come with space restrictions, Metro King’s Court offers you ample amount of space to move and live freely. With both cycling and jogging tracks at your disposal, you can choose your preferred form of exercise without any restraints.
  • 2) Acupressure walkway & meditation zone: Our minds need a calm and serene environment to relax and reconnect with nature. Providing a perfect solution to this dilemma, King’s Court comes with an acupressure walkway & a meditation zone, so you get the chance to unplug without any hassle.
  • 3) Rainwater Harvesting & Recycled Water for Gardening: While King’s Court promises a lush green landscape, it also assures a sustainable model of living. The rainwater harvesting system at King’s Court helps in saving water while the use of recycled water for gardening ensures that the verdant greens are maintained properly.
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