When you think of your dream home, what are the images that strike your mind? Are the images related to your aspiration to own a luxury apartment surrounded by greenery? Do you dream of having a house with easy accessibility to all the amenities in the world such as a swimming pool or a park? Or do you wish to live in a place close to your child’s school and your workplace? The more you think, the more you’d wish to have it all. But which are the most necessary ones? Let's make it simpler for you and state some of the main facilities that you must look for before selecting your forever paradise.

  • Location: The location of your next house is perhaps the most crucial process of selecting your safe haven. The location has to have great connectivity to essential locations such as your child’s school/ university and your workplace. The housing locality should also facilitate easy access to shopping complexes, medical stores and gas stations to save you from any unprecedented hassle.
  • Fresh Air/Privacy: Your ideal home should be located in an area which has some semblance of greenery around to allow you to breathe deeply and freely. A little bit of nature around including having parks in the compound can really go a long way in boosting your well-being. While hunting for your next home, also ensure that you choose one where there are no common walls to ensure yourself and your neighbours some much needed privacy. In addition to that, always look for homes that have proper ventilation and sunlight which helps the home feel fresher and brighter at all times.
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  • Security/Gated Community: One of the most crucial things to look for when looking to move into your forever home is the safety of the area. Ensure that your apartment complex has good security and is preferably a gated community which helps in remaining safe at all times.
  • Parking Space: A very crucial facility that can often be a make or break for new homeowners is an allocated parking space for vehicles. This becomes especially pertinent when you own multiple vehicles and wish to have them safely parked near your residence.
  • Fire Safety: An often neglected facility that you should actually take seriously is ensuring that the area has a proper fire safety protocol in place which can help prevent any untoward mishap from occurring.
  • Clubhouse & Other Amenities: When investing in a dream home, you should also look for amenities in the complex that can make your daily life simpler and more joyful. Look for facilities like a gymnasium in the complex to ensure that you never skip your workouts, a play area for your kids to mingle and socialise and a swimming pool to enjoy your off days dipping your toes in the pool water.
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  • Power backup: Last but not the least, one of the most underrated amenities which is also one of the most important in the long run, is the availability of a power back up in the apartment complex. So, whether there is a power outage in your region or heavy rains, the power backup in your residential complex will help you carry on with your activities without hampering the quality of your life.