Three Cost-Effective Ways To Spruce-Up Your Living Space

For most people, purchasing real estate is a once in a lifetime investment. However, the process of investing can be daunting and time-consuming. The best recommended practice before entering the field of real estate investment is to do a thorough research of the market and enquire regarding the developers in the area. So, to make the journey slightly easier for you, here are three main ways to find out whether a real estate developer is trustworthy or not:

  • 1) Talk To Existing Customers: After shortlisting a bunch of real estate developers with properties that you are interested in, the first basic step is to talk to the existing customers of the developer. Find out more about the quality of services and properties developed by them prior and seek personal guidance from their existing customers. This would help you not just gain insight about the developer, but also help you understand the market prices and long-term facilities better.
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  • 2) Check RERA Registration: RERA which is the short form of Real Estate Regulatory Authority was set up by the government back in 2016 to protect real estate buyers from fraudulent practices and delays. So, for a potential home owner, a home with a RERA registration is proof that the property is well-protected by the government and is a safe option to invest in.
  • 3) Industry Experience: Another major indicator which is valuable to look into while researching a real estate developer is their industry experience. The number of previous projects and their quality is a great guide to gauge the developer’s credibility in the market. Also, a real estate developer already established in the industry is a much safer bet as compared to an upcoming one with fewer projects under their belt.
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