Three Vastu Tips For New HomeOwners


Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient Indian methods of calculating the most positive and feasible placements at a house based on the elements of earth, water, fire and sky. This ensures that the energy of the house is working in favour of its residents which in turn attracts good luck and abundance. In Western cultures, a similar form of home arrangement is popular, known as Feng Shui. So, if you are a new home owner and are looking to use few vital Vastu tips to boost your wellbeing, then here are three tips:

  • 1) Maintain Your Entrance Doors: The entry point of your home is your main door and that is where people and all the energy comes in. As per Vastu, it is favourable to have your main door facing Northeast direction. However, if that isn’t the case, then one can still maintain the vastu by ensuring that the door is devoid of any cracks. The main door should also be decorated with name plates, plants and windchimes to attract positivity in the home.
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  • 2) Add Indoor Plants & Aquarium: Adding plants like bamboo, money plant and rubber plant are said to invite positive energies inside one’s home. Meanwhile, placing an aquarium in the northeast area of a home can usher in good financial luck and abundance in the resident’s lives.
  • 3) The Right Paintings at Home: According to Vastu, placing a painting of seven horses galloping on the East Wall of the living room, is a great way of attracting prosperity and abundance. It is also advisable to refrain from keeping the paintings of any animals in the room of a couple to ensure harmony and good interpersonal bonds.
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